Small Class Teaching or Class Reduction

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Small Class Teaching or Class Reduction

As Hong Kong’s population shrinks, school enrolment also drops. There is now a heated debate over the government’s implementation of small-class teaching or class reduction in schools. Schools believe that small-class teaching is the best solution because by reducing the teacher-student ratio, there can be more interaction between teachers and students. However, the government maintains that this applies only to primary levels. For secondary schools, the best solution is to cut the number of S.1 classes by one in each school. In about 500 words, write a letter to the Editor of South China Morning Post stating your views on this issue from the perspective of a secondary school student and giving reasons for them.

Dear Editor

I am writing to express my concerns about the government’s implementation of small-class teaching or class reduction in schools. Due to the declining birth rates, school enrolment has been shrinking. This is a source of great anxiety to many secondary schools as they have trouble enrolling the minimum number of 61 students for their Form One classes. The Education Bureau introduced a Voluntary Optimisation of Class Structure Scheme which urges schools to reduce new Form One class numbers voluntarily from 5 to 1. However, as a secondary school student, I completely disapprove of this measure. Instead, I support small-class teaching.

Small-class teaching is obviously beneficial to students. The following are three main advantages it can bring to students.

First of all, teachers can pay individual attention to students. It is extremely likely that in small-class teaching, teachers can have better understanding of students’ individual needs. On the contrary, in a large class, since teachers focus on the majority of students, students who need more time to digest what they are taught will fall behind.

Besides, students can be more actively involved. Since 2005, HKU’s Faculty of Education...
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