Small Classes

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What are small classes ?
Small classes are classes that aren't small in size but inthe amount of students. They usually include a minimum of 13 to a maximum of 17 students. Are small classes better ?
Small classes are defind by researches that show gains in achievement. Professor Sypros Konstanpoulos from the Michigan State University found that several consecutive years of small classes in early elementary school benefits and helps students of all achievement levels after he did a study about them. Such small classes cause students to have th best chances to succeed in latr grades. He contradicts what the states followed for a long time. He thinks that big classes don't benefit students of younger ages. Professor Sypros used data from the massive Project Star Study in Tennessee that analyzed the effects of the class size on more than eleven thousand students in elementary and middle school. He concluded that students who have been in smaller classes in kindergarten till the third grade have become high achievers. What is the Student-Teacher Ratio ?

The Student-Teacher ratio compares the teachers ability to the class size. For example, a small school has four part-time teachers who each work 25%of the time. The student-teacher ratio at this school would be calculated based upon one teacher instead of four and that's because foru teacher at 25% time equal to one full-time teacher. This wil make the student- teacher ratio appear higher than it really is. Alot of great schools follow the student-teacher ratio, and all their class sizes depend on those ratios. What are the benefits of small classes?

Numerous studies have been done to asses the impact of class size reduction other than Professor Sypros's research. All of those studies show an increase in student achievement . Smaller classes increase the quality of the curriculum and the leadership of the school. Teachers can identify easily the children with special learning problems early and give them...
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