Sociology and Cultural Diversity

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When cultures collide by Cosmas U. Nwokeafor

Name: Muhammed H Bashorun

Course: Phil 103 (Principle of Reasoning)
Professor Name: Benjamin Arah
Book Review
(November 22, 2013)


When cultures collide by Cosmas U. Nwokeafor
Cultural diversity is a reality and here to stay, it will not vanish overnight. People do things and think differently in diverse parts of the continents. In the same context, bringing up African children in foreign nations is not easy as the children face cultural shock (Nwokeafor, 2008). The parents or guardians must develop strategies that bring out mutual understanding between the children and the host culture. Surveys have indicated that people originating from diverse cultures share particular basic concepts, the difference originates with the way people view the basic concepts in different perspectives and angles; which shapes the way people behave either rationally or irrationally depending on the context (Nwokeafor, 2008).

African continent engage indirect communication, which is in contrast with the Western style that engage direct communication. There are a number of merits and demerits attached to cultural diversity. Some of the benefits African children face in foreign cultures identify with: Improved morale, exposure to broader perspectives, labor resources, earlier exposure to global impact and enhanced community relationships (Nwokeafor, 2008). Some of the demerits African children face in foreign cultures identify with language barriers, civic disengagement and social tension (Nwokeafor, 2008). Avoiding cultural diversity is not the solution; people should develop mechanisms of adapting to cultural diversity.

It is true that cultural diversity has its benefits and its own shares of challenges, majority of the benefits are accustomed to the developed nations as compared to the poor nations. In the same context, raising African children in foreign land calls for adaptation...

References: Nwokeafor, C. U. (2008). When Cultures Collide: The Challenges of Raising African Children in a Foreign Country. Memphis, Tennessee:
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