Some Challenges of Effective Communication

Topics: Corporation, Culture, Globalization Pages: 2 (313 words) Published: March 5, 2013

Some challenges of effective Communication
in a cultural diverse and generation diverse environment in China

According to Jim Leininger in his article , employees express deeper levels of employee commitment and are likely to be more satisfied with their leadership if their companies have strong communication programs. But effective communication is facing more and more challenges in a cultural diverse and generation diverse environment in China.

First of all, language is one of barriers in a multinational company. Even there is usually one working language in multinational companies, like English, People are greatly affected by their mother language and can’t comprehend their team members who come from different countries completely sometimes. Second, People from different cultures usually have different thinking and outlook. The cultural differences often cause misunderstanding and arguments that lead failure in communication. So, working language skills and learning different cultures is very important for employees in culture diverse companies. And companies usually give some basic training about this for new employees.

Communication between different generations attracts more attention with the post-80 and post-90 entering job market. Comparing the seniors, post-80 and post-90 generation were raised in an environment with more freedom, opportunity, diversity and wealth, they are believed to hold a very different attitude towards life and work. New generation have wider, more diverse knowledge because they grew up in the Internet age, and they are maybe precious resource for innovation. So, the post-80 and post-90 and the seniors should try to know and tolerate the differences between them and find the good way of communication.

Besides communication among people, effective communication in a company includes “employees understand their company’s goals, their own job, and the link between job and...
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