Sor Ii Paul Notes

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Who was Paul- Most important figure in early Christianity other then jesus. –his conversion to Christianity opened doors for the religion. –originally paul persecuted christians as blasphemers. He believed that christians perverted judaism by claiming christs divinity. - some time after christs crusifixian, paul converted. Jesus visited paul through a vision on the road to damasus. The vison temporarily blinded him and changed his perceptions on christians. – when recovered paul separated himself from the church in Jerusalem and began his own ministry. - paul helped extend Christianity and had a greater impact on early religion than anyone else. His connections and roman citizenship allowed him to spread the gospel more easily. His wealth helped the poor, which provided good relations. Pauls rejection of circumcision and founding of the roman church allowed the religion to thrive and survive the jewish revolt. For his efforts, the romans beheaded him st paul. What we know of paul comes from the acts of the apostles, written after pauls death. And Pauls own letters *paul wrote most of the new testament. Without paul there is no dobt that it is unlikey that Christianity would be the major world religion it is today. Christianity grew rapidly because of his efforts. CONTRIBUTIONS-

*Established churches throughout the empire
* letteres written to individuals and the churches laid the foundations for much of the beliefs and practices still used by the Christian church today. *the first Christian leader to welcome non-jews directly into the church rather then expect them to convert into Judaism first. ( powerfull figure)*Christianity is forever stamped by pauls ideas and interpretations * romans is probably the most significant letter- it is the basis of Christian thought. It heavily influenced the reformed and evangelical traditions- faithfulness and righteousness of god. (PAuls letteres laid the foundation for Christian theology.) *eager to ensure that...
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