Sorrow of war

Topics: Gender role, Vietnam War, South Vietnam Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: March 31, 2014

Regarding to the presentation on the role of nationalism in Vietnam and in the Vietnam war, I came to realize the unvoiced importance of nationalism in the times of need. Throughout the book, The Sorrow Of War, and history itself, nationalism seemed to always be victimized in the most grotesque of situations. Women do not receive the recognition they deserve for the sacrifices they had made, alongside with men, to their families and country. In Vietnam, at a time of peace, women had specific roles in society, but at a time of war, gender barriers seem to collapse, and as long as that individual is fighting for the state , it does not matter wither that individual is a male or female.

In a time of war, in Vietnam, women could be as good of a worrier as their male counterparts. No matter the sexual divisions that leave them astray at times, women in dire times seem to overcome their obstacles and resist . It is clearly obvious that Kien places a lot of importance in women throughout his life. As a fellow peer of mine stated, this may be due to his lack of a relationship with his own mother. His memories of women seem to be specific , while the memories of men seem to be more vague in a way. In a way Kien made women a necessity to the novel due to the fact the women's important unnoticed role in the war is quite common in today's time.

In the war, women were often overlooked in the military, but in nationalism women and men are seen as equals fighting for the same cause. The sacrifices that women had to endure were great considering the conditions they were going through in that crucial time, in Vietnam history. Women soldiers like Hoa sacrificed themselves to protect and serve their country, women soldiers played a role in the infamous Tet offensive, and was often referred by the American soldiers as " The Long Haired Army." The role of women played huge role in the front as well as the economic war effort of the North Vietnamese. Nationalism also...
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