Spirituality of St. Paul

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Paulinian: Keep the Faith and Love Genuinely!

In this world of confusion and dilemma, in this world that is clouded with unceasing questions, in this world where the truth can only be perceived by the wise, in this world where many philosophies and personal beliefs sprung, a man was sent, touched and inspired by the risen and glorified Lord whom this man persecutes to reveal the truth and the Good News of salvation to all.

This man is no other than Saul, from the tribe of Benjamin, who was transformed and made anew by Christ Jesus who struck him blind after killing and persecuting Jesus’ followers and witnesses. Saul, who became one of the greatest threats to the flourishing faith in Christ Jesus, was converted into a person recognized as St. Paul. From becoming a threat and a persecutor, he became a pillar and an avid advocate of Christianity. As the Scripture says, “God has made everything appropriate in its time.” (Ecclesiastes 3:11) God has planned everything according to His perfect and holy will to send Paul so that he may bring forth vivacity at the time when the Christian world was fearful and suffering. Why then did God choose this scholarly, scrupulous and self-righteous man to evangelize and bear witness to Christ?

First, he is passionate and persevering. He always surrendered to Christ at the time when his faith was shaking. In front of the Greeks and Romans inside the temples of their gods and goddesses, Paul defended his faith in God who has sent His only begotten Son to save us from sin. He proclaimed that Christ died for our salvation and rose again in glory. Because of his strong faith, he was ignited, advocated and guided by the Holy Spirit. His life was totally centered in Jesus Christ.

Second, Paul is an aspiring apostle. When he addressed the Thessalonians, he emboldened them to “be joyful always; to pray continually; and to give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for them in Christ Jesus.” (1 Thessalonians...
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