St. Paul

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St. Paul Bio

In the Acts of apostles, Luke’s story tells us about Paul’s missionary. A missionary is a person travels to different communities to Promote Christianity in foreign countries. Paul is from tarsus now a part of modern Turkey. Paul was born as a Roman citizen and was educated in Greek literature. Paul’s travels took to many places which are now modern countries. For example, Syria, Turkey; Macedonia, and Greece. In his Second, trip Paul traveled about 1800 miles. The first journey took place in an island in the Mediterranean Sea and also in South Galatia from 46-49 C.E. The second journey was from 50-52 C.E. and this journey took Paul into Europe. The last and final journey was from 54-58 C.E. and this took place in Ephesus. Paul was first known as Saul and he was a religious Jew. He wanted all Jews to follow the Law’s commands. During Saul’s conversion he was going to arrest a man who goes by the name of Damascus and was given the right to do this by the high priest. While Saul was on the road a light from the sky strikes him and he lands on the ground. Jesus begins to call out to Saul and asks why he persecuted him because since Saul persecuted followers he persecuted Jesus as well. The conversion shows that Saul has been touched by God. Paul was then told to go into the city and wait to be called by God. When God arrives, he comes with Ananias and he is told by the Lord to pray and cure Paul even though he persecuted Jesus. The Lord tells Saul that he was the chosen one who brings the Gospels to the Gentiles. Paul came from the Roman Empire where it was the ideal place for him to work. During Paul’s lifetime, the Roman Empire was pretty safe when it came to their transportation because their longest physical remnants, back in Paul’s day, where the durable roads. Paul had many good gifts when it came to delivering the Gospel message. For example, Since Paul was Jewish, whenever he traveled, he...
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