Strategic Plans in Multicultura Organizations

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Culture Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: July 17, 2011
Strategic plans are critical but once established, how does one establish integrated processes and functions across a multicultural organization? Provide at least one example in your initial response:

An organization’s survival in a competitive business world depends on its strategic plans and how those plans relate to the business world. Having a good strategic plan is good but it’s not enough to stir an organization to success and thus profitability. The implementation of such plans is not without challenges and these challenges become profound in a multicultural organization. It takes coordinated efforts on across the entire organization especially senior management to ensure the success of strategic plans. An organization that intends to be competitive in the business will seek talent and expertise from a broad array of countries and continents. These individuals will come from different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicity and education. How a company manages its operations to attain success entails an integrated processes and functions. The company can bend to socioeconomic conditions in the ways its tailors its goods and services without affecting the cultural sensitivity of either the workers or the market in which the product is sold. A good example with the expansion of MacDonald’s into the Indian market. Indian doesn’t eat beef due to sacred religious reason as the cow is view as a deity. So MacDonald has changed its line of beef burgers which are popular with Americans with different meat which the people of Indian will like and which does not force employees in India to cooks hamburgers with beef either. Also cultural differences in an organization could mean that different employees as well as consumers in different markets have different taste and attitudes that define them. A company could manage these differences by designing products and services to meet the needs of likeminded cultures. The cultural needs of individual employees could be...
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