Student Union Constitution

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Rayat London College Students Union Constitution

This first constitution of Rayat London College Students Union shall take effect from 08/09/2011 and shall be subject to review by the union parliament and the corporation at least every five years, in accordance with the Education Act 1994.

Part II of the Education Act 1994 requires institutions to ‘take steps as are reasonably practicable to secure that any students’ union for students at the establishment operates in a fair and democratic manner and is accountable for its finances’. The corporation recognises Rayat London College Students’ Union as a democratically run organisation, committed to serving and representing the students of the college. The corporation will endeavour to ensure that the activities of the union do not contravene the college’s equal opportunities policy nor bring the college into disrepute. The constitution is a legal document that sets out the activities and procedures of the students’ union.

It provides a framework for the operation of the students’ union by: • Defining what the union can or cannot do
• Indicating how the executive can act on behalf of union members • Outlining how members can air their concerns

The constitution is made up of three sections:

Section 1 – The Articles
This section defines the aims and objectives of the union as well as setting out what can or cannot be done.

Section 2 – The Schedules
This section gives further operational details in relation to how things get done.

Section 3 – The Appendices
This section includes other regulations that the union has to follow.


Section 1: The Articles
Heading Paragraph Name and Status 1.0 Aims and Objectives 2.0 Membership of the Union 3.0 Union Parliament 4.0 Executive Committee 5.0 Trustee Board 6.0 Clubs and Societies 7.0 Affiliation to External Organisations 8.0 Complaints Procedure 9.0 Union Finance 10.0 Minutes 11.0 Amending the Constitution 12.0 Indemnity 13.0 Referendum 14.0 Code of Conduct 15.0 Interpretation 16.0

Section 2: The Schedules

One Election Regulations
Two Clubs and Societies
Three Meeting Regulations
Four Finance Regulations
Five Job Descriptions

Section 3: The Appendices
One Opting Out
Two Disciplinary Procedures
Three Code of Practice

1. Name and Status
1.1 There shall be a students’ union in the name of Rayat London College Student Union (for the rest of the document the organisation will be referred to as ‘the union’). The union is an unincorporated association with exempt charitable status.

2.0 Aims and Objectives
2.1 To advance the education of its members and students of the college as a whole. 2.2 To represent the interests of its members and act as a channel of communication in dealing with the college and other bodies.

2.3 To promote and protect the welfare of its members.
2.4 To promote, encourage and co-ordinate student clubs, societies, sports and social activities.
2.5 These aims and objects shall be practiced without...
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