Students Views on Politics

Topics: Elections, Political party, Voting Pages: 2 (820 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Tyler Jacobs
American Government
Peter Rex
11 December 2012
Documentary Research Project
In this research project I filmed and edited an episode of a TV talk show called ‘Tea Time with Tyler Jacobs’. I filmed it as if on my show I normally interview people with issues and then talk with the public on their opinions and problems with certain issues. While filming this I was able to get the opinions of many high school and college students on how they think our government is running. As many high school students were more welcome to sharing their opinion only a handful of college students were open to sharing their opinion. When I asked the high school students who they would have voted for in the 2012 presidential election, they said their answers, but only one student was willing to give a full opinion interview. This student was James Icenogle and I was able to get quite a few questions drilled into him, but I only kept 2 questions as they are the only ones where I felt he gave good strong points. Many of the students whom I asked who they would have voted for didn’t mind saying that, but did not under any circumstance want to be filmed, I asked them whether it was because they didn’t know what I was going to do with the video or if they were embarrassed of sharing their political views to a lot of people? This usually got some angry answers and some not very happy boyfriends. However at the end I feel I got a good amount of people willing to give answers and be filmed sharing their view. A lot of students are not big fans of the way we deal with our election; they felt like the person with the most amount of money would usually win. They continued to casually begin insulting the Bush administration and how he was only elected because republicans are rich. As not everyone shared this view, many people did firmly believe this. A lot of the students were in strong disagreement with the electoral college, they said we should be able to vote for themselves and...
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