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Topics: Nutrition, Primary education, Teacher Pages: 3 (1146 words) Published: December 4, 2014
How is the health and welfare of children who attend school protected and supported? Children spend a considerable amount of time in school therefore schools become the most influential organisation body in children’s lives, for that reason it is extremely important that the health and welfare of children attending school is well supported and protected. This essay will show how this is achieved through the point of view of Law, Childhood and Health disciplines. The best way to safeguard the welfare of children attending school is by following the law. Children attending school have legal rights and responsibilities, according to the law (Education Act 1996) every child has a right to education and it is the parent’s duty to provide suitable education for their children, whether in school or at home. Failure to do so would be considered truancy which is an offence often dealt with issuing a penalty, however should this persist, then a prison sentence is in order. One of children’s responsibilities within school would be to comply with the school’s regulations which are policies to ensure behaviour standards, should the children break these regulations the school has the right to punish them. However, the law on human rights doesn’t allow schools to use physical punishment, but there many other ways to do so, for example, privileges may be removed, may undertake detention, the parents will be informed and in extreme cases suspension will be required. Schools also have the right to search students for weapons or other items forbidden from school. All these are put in practice to best protect and support children during their school experience. Children go through many new experiences and significant changes throughout their lives - starting school is one of them. These changes are called transitions. According to Vogler et al. (2008) there are 3 types of transitions that are relevant to school life, these are-horizontal, vertical and education associated...

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