Studying Literature in Grade 12

Topics: Canada, Ontario, Multiculturalism Pages: 4 (882 words) Published: July 12, 2015
 The Importance of Canadian Literature Even though there are many excellent writers in every culture, it is important that grade 12 students taking university levelled English should primarily study material covered by Canadian authors. Grade 12 Ontario students are becoming less familiar with writers that are from Canada. By having graduating Ontario students read only literature written by Canadian authors, they will get the opportunity to focus on Canadian culture, the age that the novels are studied, and the lack of multiculturalism shown in the works. It is clear that there needs to be change in the Canadian schooling curriculum to educate graduating students. Graduating students taking English in Ontario should only study Canadian literature as Canada is swamped with American culture. However, this is not the first time that Canadians have been strongly influenced by another country's culture. Canada has always been a “branch plant” to other countries. When Canada was under the control of Britain, Canadian's were to read British literature such as Shakespeare. Currently, Canadian's are being told to read American authors such as Fitzgerald. Ontario students have had less experience with Canadian literature, and in extension, Canadian culture. Many schools tend to limit a student’s exposure to a Canadian novel for the ISP. In this sense, Canada is an attic in which store American and British literature without considering our own1. Due to Canada not having its own control, Canadian students have had a harder time appreciating their culture. Often the Canadian literature that is studied tends to be very old and outdated. This includes works such as Mordecai's Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, Lawrence's Stone Angel and Atwood's Handmade Tale. Out of all the books, the newest book to of been released was Atwood's Handmade Tale in 1985. Although students are encouraged to read modern Canadian literature for their ISP, the classroom...

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Brief Note
In this essay, the topics stated in the thesis did not connect with the three body paragraphs. The essay is informal – first by stating “The purpose of the essay is” in their introduction paragraph and then “In conclusion” in the concluding body paragraph. The writer states in their introduction paragraph that the three body paragraphs would be discussed about the need to focus Canadian culture despite being surrounded by other cultures, the need to promote and establish our own writers, and the need to encourage younger Canadian authors. The three body paragraphs that he wrote discussed the importance of Canadian culture despite being surrounded by other cultures, the age that the novels are studied, and the lack of multiculturalism shown in the works. The writer also didn’t include proper transition sentences leading into the next the body paragraphs.
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