Summaries of the New Testament Books of the Bible

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Bible 104
Summary of the books of the New Testament Books

The book of Mark is a genre of gospel. The gospel of Mark begins by describing the life and ministry of Jesus. Mark tells of Jesus being baptized by John and He is then sent to the desert for forty days and forty nights. He was tempted by Satan but He overcame all of the temptations. Jesus then began calling on His disciples with the purpose being that these men would follow and learn from Him as Jesus shared and taught the gospel. Jesus predicts He will be killed and will rise three days later. Mark describes the Last Supper. Jesus predicts Peter will deny Him. Jesus prays at Gethsemane and then is later arrested. Peter does just as Jesus predicted and denies knowing Jesus. Jesus is taken before Pilate and is sentenced to death. Jesus dies, He is buried, and resurrects on the third day just as He predicted would happen. Acts

The book of Acts is of a narrative genre. The main purpose of Acts is to provide an account on the beginning and expansion of the early church. The book begins with a summary of Jesus’ life before and after He was crucified. Peter addresses the crowd, and they devote themselves to the teaching of the apostles. Peter heals a crippled beggar and then speaks to the crowd about God. While Peter speaks, he and John were arrested for the mere crime of disturbance. They were given a warning not to keep teaching and were released. Together they all pray for courage to continue to preach about Jesus. The apostles heal many people but continue to be persecuted. The apostles choose seven men to help mediate between the Jews. One man by the name of Stephen was arrested and stoned to death while praying. The church begins to disperse. King Herod arrested Peter but Peter was able to escape. The book ends with Paul preaching in Rome while being held by guards. Philippians

The book of Philippians is of epistle genre. The key theme in the book of...
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