Summary of the Book of Hebrews

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Summary of the Book of Hebrews
Rev. Jack Simonds, PhD

The epistle to the Hebrews reveals Jesus as the Center and Circumference, Beginning, Ending and Entirety of the Gospel. Hebrews is the first book of the eight General Epistles. Hebrews was written before the destruction of the temple which took place in 70 AD. Even before the destruction of the Temple, the original disciples had begun to preach among the Gentiles. It was perhaps during this early period that the Epistle to the Hebrews was written. Paul is the most likely author of Hebrews. Hebrews is credited in its title to Paul in the 1611 "King James Version" of the Holy Bible. It is thrilling to read what Paul says about Jesus, and the church of God. The Epistle is intended to celebrate the all-sufficiency of Christ as the great High Priest, who has made atonement by his own blood, as distinguished from the Old Testament types that were intended to point forward to him. If called to use a single word to best describe Hebrews, the word I would suggest is “faith”. Jesus is presented as “the pioneer and perfecter of faith”. Our Christian faith is based solely on who Jesus is, what He has done for us and continues to do for us. The author of Hebrews presents in Chapter 11 a host of “faith warriors” from the history of God’s people in the Bible.

At first glance, Hebrews appears to be a difficult book to understand and relate to us modern day Christians having little knowledge of Jewish matters, but Hebrews is a gold mine and there is much treasure to enrich our understanding of God and his purposes. Every carefully structured section contributes to the development of a central theme about the person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ and the nature of our salvation. We are shown how to interpret the Old Testament in the light of its fulfillment and can understand how the two Testaments of our Bible link together and become one Bible – The Word of God. Hebrews demonstrates that effective warning and encouragement are grounded in good theology about Jesus. Hebrews speaks of Christ's work in Heaven. In the book of Hebrews Paul argues with the Jews, instead of losing all they had, they gained all.

In the opening of Hebrews the superiority of Jesus to the Hebrew prophets that preceded Him is given in the statement that God's final Word has been spoken in the Son of God - Jesus. This final Word fulfills and transcends all previous words spoken by God through the prophets. He is coequal with God the Father, the Agent of creation, the Sustainer of the universe, the Heir of all things, and the Exalted Redeemer of the world. The message that was declared through Jesus Himself is the message of God's great salvation in and through the Son. Those who reject such incomparable grace cannot escape divine judgment. The covenant made by God with Abraham is the root of the new Covenant. It finds its fulfillment in Jesus whose work as a merciful and faithful High Priest making propitiation for the sins of mankind. This High Priest knows and understands our temptations and is uniquely qualified to help us in our trials in a way that no angel possibly can. Jesus the Son of God is superior to the angels. Angels are but creatures, ministering spirits in the service of the Creator. Moses was an Apostle and Aaron a High Priest but now Apostleship and High Priesthood are combined in the person of Jesus. Any attempt to turn the clock back by a return to the Mosaic pattern and the disciplines of the wilderness experience of the Israelites betrays a serious misconception of the Christian faith. Hebrews reveals that Jesus is better then the law of Moses. The word better is used 13 times in Hebrews. Hebrews shows that Jesus made one offering for sin.

Paul writes Hebrews to warn the Jewish believers about the apostasy of Judaism. To a more serious degree, those to whom Hebrews is addressed are contemplating an action which would render them disobedient to Jesus who is God's...
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