Synoptic Gospels

Topics: Gospel of Mark, Gospel of Luke, Gospel of Matthew Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: June 11, 2012
The New Testament is a collection of 27 books describing the sequence of events over the 1st century of Christianity; four of these stated books are the Gospels. Of these four Gospels, only three are considered to be part of the Synoptic Gospels. The Synoptic Gospels consist of three books pertaining to the New Testament: The Gospel of Mark, Matthew and Luke which─ by the fact they are arranged in three vertically aligned columns ─are cable of being compared and contrasted to one another for the purpose of analysis concerning the texts, stories, parables and events that each of these Gospels possess. The word “Synoptic” derives from the Greek roots “syn- together and opsis appearance” and thus, it can be described as the “observations that give a broad view of a subject of a particular time”. Given this definition, the Synoptic Gospels can be associated with relationship of words and scriptures contained in these three Gospels by the terms of their similarities and differences. Generally, many of these texts contain “the same stories, often in the same sequence and sometimes exactly the same wording” (Wikipedia, 2012) Each of these gospels was written with the intention of being directed to suit a specific audience in relation to the time and place of the authors and cater to their once current needs required through guidance. Thus, this can be observed by the slight alterations of stories. In summary, the description of content within each individual Synoptic Gospel can be divided into “Who Jesus was” (Matthew), “What Jesus did” (Mark) and lastly, “What Jesus had said” (Luke). Important aspects were extracted from Mark by Matthew and Luke as they were used as sources to reinforce the teachings of the bible.

Although the actual of writings of the Gospels was commenced 60 to 95 years after the death of Christ, many of the documents contained within the Gospels of which had originated from different times and different authors, pertain to common themes....
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