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Topics: Reality television, Television, Television program Pages: 3 (1008 words) Published: March 5, 2014
Real or Fake Reality TV
Out of many TV shows, there is an extensive number of reality TV shows. For example, the most common are American Idol, The Bachelor, and Big Brother. These reality shows impact our lives both positively and negatively. According to Cynthia Frisby, “reality shows are just new shows that promise more drama, suspense, and laughter while constantly pushing the strings on what is morally and decently acceptable.” Reality TV shows craft opportunities for normal but talented people to compete against one another in an immense amount of ways. To most these reality shows can be a relaxing comfort but to others it can be an emotional rollercoaster just to view one certain show. Reality TV can affect the viewers and the contestants especially emotionally, selfishly, and physically.

One noticeable similarity that develops from these three articles is that viewers and contestants are affected emotionally. For example, Kathy Kennedy believes that reality TV is too negative and states, “I don’t even want to watch ‘ER’ anymore. Anything that’s sad or dramatic…it seems too much of a reality” (Campbell 5). Some viewers have anger towards certain shows that display such extreme ignorance just for the chance of fame. People who become too emotionally attached to reality TV shows often switch to a funnier and less dramatic show. For many watching reality TV can be more than entertainment but instead a source of self-improvement. By watching these shows on a regular basis the act of comparing oneself to the contestant’s lifestyle is quite common. In the article “Getting Real with Reality TV,” Cynthia Frisby states, “Reality TV allows audiences to laugh, cry, and live vicariously through so- called every day, ordinary people who have opportunities to experience things that, until the moment they are broadcast, most individuals only dream about” (259). Certain reality TV shows can trigger emotions within an individual, but it demonstrates the...

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