Synthesis Essay Gun Control

Topics: High school, United States, Primary education Pages: 4 (684 words) Published: February 10, 2015

Outline—Gun Control in Schools
I. Introduction
II. Parents Feel Safer
III. Stopping Threats
IV. Saving Lives
V. Conclusion

Tylor Fontenot
3rd Block
English III
29 April 2014
A national telephone survey finds that 62% of Americans with children of elementary or secondary school age would feel safer if their school had armed guards (Pavlich). Many people (parents) believe that if schools had armed guards on campus they could stop the next mass murder at schools. These are some of the reasons that the government and school boards should allow armed guards on school campuses.

Parents and school boards in the State of Louisiana think that teachers carrying guns or having armed guards “is not the right approach” (Resmovits), the code does not authorize either licensing a school district as a guard company or private business does not authorize it to employ its own teachers as armed guards (Pavlich). Parents and people think that the school boards in Louisiana should allow armed guards on school campuses at all times during the school year. Sixty two percent of Americans with children in elementary schools would feel that their kids are safer if an armed guard(s) was on campus at all times (Pavlich). Pavlich is trying to say schools need armed guards on campus for the safety of their kids; so parents can drop their children off for school and can trust the schools to keep them safe from all dangers and threats.

In order to stop shooting and deaths and deaths of kids to stop them from being harmed schools need armed guards at every school entrance or gate; therefore, to be able to stop the murders and react faster to the threats that come up. “The NRA’s attempts to prey on America’s fears, saturate our schools with more guns and turn them into armed forces” (Finn). Armed guards can keep the people that are not authorized to enter schools until they are searched, patted down, and metal detected for weapons and drugs. The United States is the most...

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