Target Marketing

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Target Marketing and Television Ads
Advertising is the most effective way to promote products. When companies choose the TV program for their advertisement, they often research the target market of the TV program, so that they could get the highest return. For example, a cosmetic companies always choose some women’s programing to promote their products for there are many ladies who are so obsessed with this kind of TV show.

I watched one of the most popular Chinese entertainment TV program, whose name is “ If you are the one” as an example to explain the relationship between target marketing and TV ads. “ If you are the one” is a wonderful dating show, which is produced buy the Jiangsu Television. There are many beautiful young ladies and handsome gentlemen take participate in this TV show. Therefore, it gains a wider audience from old to young. Here is the list of what I watched and what I think they are aimed at: 1. Bishengyuan weight reducing tea

As one part of the audiences of “ If you are one” are young ladies, who are more likely to have a strong willing to be slim. Bishengyuan weight reducing tea claims it can help you reduce weight in a healthy way and satisfy the need of losing weight. I think it is the most successful example of target marketing and TV ads because the sale volume increase sharply after ads were broadcasted in “ If you are one.” 2. Toyota’s new Camry

The Toyota’s new Camry is a new generation of Camry. The car, which is showed on the advertisement, is a red one. I think the red color means energetic and enthusiasm, it is the main character of young people, so in my opinion, as one part of the audiences of “If you are one” are young people, the Toyota Company wants more of them to buy their new Camry. At the same time, in the end of the advertisement, it shows that you only need to pay $199 for 24 months to own the new Camry. It is a huge temptation to young people because it tells them you do not have to worry about the money and...
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