Teaching and Learning in Your Subject

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Teaching and learning in your Subject
The world we live in today is a complex multinational society in which children and pupils are taught to get along together regardless of their race, gender, faith or disability. The current National Curriculum mentions inclusion and how all students should be able to reach their learning potential through lessons which incorporate Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) and differentiation in order to reach the potential of all students who may step across the threshold into the classroom. However, take all those students outside and away from the nice neat little box of a classroom and there can be chaos. This is where Physical Education lessons come in. This essay will try and explain the reasons for going into teaching, the need for PE within the National Curriculum alongside the need for this curriculum to be enforced and finally all the changes which have occurred in the last 10 years, covering the beginning of the National Curriculum as it is currently known. Physical Education (PE) allows students to be able to explore boundaries and allows students to have a sense of freedom within a safe environment. The National Curriculum for Physical Education states that all students should be able to become ‘responsible citizens’ (DfES, 2007) through the use of a high quality PE programme adhered to in schools. Many have questioned the role and purpose of PE in schools yet for students there are a plethora of benefits from partaking within PE lessons. There are the obvious physical benefits; where you are able to stay looking healthy and being able to control weight, or gain muscle to look good but there are also internal physical factors, such as allowing for bone growth and strength (Malina and Bouchard, 2004). Physicality’s are not the only advantage of physical education. Alongside the knowledge gained in lessons, which expands cognitive ability, there are also social and emotional gains to taking part in PE. The social gains are that students learn to take on other students who they would not normally associate and they have to learn how to socialise around them regardless of their background because they are playing on the same team at school (Fredricks and Eccles, 2006). Also, there is the opportunity for emotional development as students will learn how to win and lose with grace and learning that although the rules may seem unfair they have to abide by them so therefore the students will learn to deal with frustration in a positive way. This will further aid them in later life when they leave school and have to adapt to working for a living. Within the PE curriculum at GCSE and through Core PE there are various opportunities for cross curricular links throughout the school year and these can help students who may be physically literate but illiterate to develop their own skills, in English and ICT, by encouraging the use of match reports after games. This will also help to develop a sense of community within the students, if they are watching a game with a group of friends it also encourages the team to play well for their classmates. There are personal reasons for choosing PE as a subject to teach and these are mainly to do with being able to deal with emotions. Being able to take out feelings of anger on a hockey ball at after school practises on Monday and Wednesday’s. It also gave an ability for weight control as many students at school found, they were being picked on for the way they looked or for how much they weighed (Malina and Bouchard, 2004). In today’s society looking good is one of the main factors encouraging students and children to lose weight and potentially pick up ‘fad’ diets which can be harmful if not fatal. PE is personal because this can be addressed in an appropriate way, encouraging for the participation in a healthy, active lifestyle, which will ultimately make the students feel good about themselves. They will not necessarily notice the differences it...
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