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The invention of the television has isolated people to the point where communication among families and friends is destroyed. The role of television is no longer about broadening the minds of the viewers or for relaxation, but to isolate us from our own community.

It is common today for families to own two to three television sets around their homes. One in the family room, another often in the parent’s room, and one in the child’s bedroom. Family connection is disrupted from the addiction of staring at a screen that is far more interesting than the usual family conversation. Each member of the family is too occupied to realize the effect that television does to the relationship of a family. Children who watch shows such as “Family Guy” or “The Simpsons” are badly influenced by the vulgar language and inappropriate scenes. However, they are led to believe that since it’s on TV, it is acceptable to use profanity and act inappropriately. In addition, more time spent watching violent television means there is less time engaged in other activitieswith friends. Television distracts people from one another. No new steps are being taken in deepening a relationship. People are much too absorbed in the latest episodes of reality shows and gossip on MTV. Television often prevents people from getting further in relationships.

Television has taken the role of the parents of children who watch shows more than they should be. They are convinced that anything on television is okay to do in their surroundings. Too much television leads to a bad influence, which also leads to troublemaking. For instance, many TV shows make it seem like it is okay to lie to your parents. Because of that, more and more teenagers are lying and loosing the trust of their parents. It is likely that parents will be more strict because of this and your relationship with them will falter. Another example of this is with drugs and alcohol. An endless amount of TV shows portray drinking, partying,...
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