Television and Presidential Elections

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Television and Presidential Elections
Television has been influential in many aspects of modern society, but how has it impacted presidential elections? Today, many people get their news from television programs including almost everything about elections. Every four years, millions of Americans watch the presidential debates live on the television and listen to analysts’ interpretations of every move each candidate makes. Americans are far more informed about who they are voting for, but could the television actually have a negative influence? Although it has made elections increasingly accessible and given the public more information, the television has actually corrupted the election process by making candidates more concerned with their image than with the actual politics.

Television has definitely impacted the presidential elections, both positive and negative. The invention of the television in the 1940’s started a revolution in communication within the United States. As Dr. Stanton puts it, “Television, with its penetration, its wide geographic distribution and impact, provides a new, direct, and sensitive link between Washington and the people.” Ever since the advent of the television, Americans have become increasingly informed about politics and what goes on in their country. For example, during the recent government shutdown, many children and teenagers were glued to the television absorbing every detail. In the realm of presidential debates, more Americans have been able to witness important events in order for them to make a more educated and informed decision when voting. With the help of the television, over thirty million Americans watch the debates during every election seasonAlthough television has allowed people to become more aware of politics, it raises the question of whether this cognizance is beneficial or detrimental. First of all, television has created disinterest among the public and formed the idea that image is more important...
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