Television Is Good for Young Children.

Topics: Education, Public Broadcasting Service, Game show Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: July 21, 2003
Television Is Good for Young Children

Our topic was "Is Television good for young children" Obviously I say yes its good for young children.

Television helps to develop the young children's mental health. Nowadays television is not only for entertainment but also for education. Television is the most powerful and easiest way to learn.

A major research study has found that children in low-income communities, some of whom speak English as a second language, significantly improve in several keys reading skills after regularly watching television shows like Between The Lions on PBS Kids. This type of shows helps them to enlarge their vocabulary power.

Television channels like Discovery, Discovery Kids, National Geography, History channel and channel Thirteen are proven as educational channels. Young children as well as adults learn from these channels. After watching these channels regularly they can learn to understand animals, human civilization, history, astronomy also about pollutions factor and the greenhouse effect. These all will help them to enlarge their knowledge and also shape their understanding of the world.

Television is also a major source of information of the world politics, about their country and also current events through their news shows.

Almost every television channel shows awareness advertisements or filler about anti-drug, anti smoking or about aids, which helps young children and their parents to know about the bad consequences of these things.

Television game shows and quiz shows like Jeopardy and Who wants to be a millionaires help to teach young children about general Knowledge which will help them to succeed latter on.

Countries like Canada, Great Britain and Australia have successfully incorporated television into schools educational curriculum.

Our opponent told about the televisions wrong effect to the society. They talked about that media encourage violence but a news release of American Academy of...
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