Television in Politics

Topics: Election, Elections, Voting Pages: 3 (973 words) Published: December 10, 2007
In the past forty to fifty years in elections, there has been a rising inspiration from television and media. Ever since the televised news casts and media reports, voters have become increasingly involved in the elections, resulting in more voters and more involved people. Television has heavily impacted the voter's thought and view of the candidate mostly by getting the full aspect of the candidate's party and issues. Due to this overwhelming factor media plays on presidential elections, voter turnout, especially in younger adults, has augmented and with television as a positive role in the elections, there is more interest and availability to it than ever before. Television has become such an impact in elections because of its central revelation of the candidate in televised debates, its accessibility in viewing electoral events, and its impact through news reports.

Though, with the rise of television, presidential candidates have been able to express their issues concerning the presidency, and so have been able to become more well-known. All nominees are now represented, whether it is in a debate, or when in a normal CNN report. Today we rely on such debates to enlighten us on the beliefs of the nominee, persuading the undecided on which to vote. Literary scholar and columnist of The New Yorker, Louis Menand, claims that without these debates, "voters [are] cheated by the omission of some relevant test, some necessary submission to mass scrutiny" ("Masters of the Matrix: Kennedy, Nixon, and the Culture of the Image"). Television has strongly improved the way people react to candidates, because they are able to view them and follow their views. Well-known television analysts of Nielsen Media Research portray the spike in the debate turnout in 1980, simply because someone commonly associated with television and movies, Ronald Regan, was involved in the debate. (Nielsen Tunes into Politics: Tracking the Presidential Election Years (1960-1992)) The...
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