Television Is Not Always Good

Topics: Television program, Creativity Pages: 3 (1104 words) Published: June 3, 2013
Watching television has become an ordinary activity of today’s generation, regardless of their age. Nowadays, it is not strange anymore if we find children especially in elementary school age or even less sitting in front of television enjoying some programs for hours rather than playing outside like children in the past. Some parents even use television as a way to babysit them. Most people also consider that television is a useful, easy, and quite informative source of information. That is why some people think that introducing television to children from young age is important and harmless in this modern era. They believe that will help children able to keep up with the development of modern era. Unfortunately, they are not fully aware of new problems that may be resulted from letting them watch television for a long time. Watching television causes bad impacts for children’s development. Some people may say that watching television can help children grow into a better person with more creative and imaginative mind. They believe television does not bring bad influence, because it only provides information that may be useful for children in the future. A child’s creativity may occurs on two levels by letting them watch television. First, various television programs can help children know many creative projects, such as drawing, painting, and others. Second, television programs which are designed for children can make their creativity increase (Evra, 2004). Television also provides many possibilities for children’s learning process, such as; archaeology, science, music, architecture, outer space, etc. Through some television programs, children are able to imagine various scenarios that may help them improving their imagination. For example, children can create various scenarios from watching space explorations and undersea worlds. While it may be true that television takes role in the development of children’s creativity...
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