Television: More Than an Idiot Box

Topics: Television, Television program, Reality television Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Television is obviously considered as one of the best inventions in human history. It appeared to be a stress buster by entertaining us with moives, dramas… As a result of its development, many TV programmes were produced to satisfy the audience whose demand is getting more and more everyday. There are various kinds of TV programme, they can be classified according to the age of the watchers. First of all, it is the TV programmes for children. After studying, these programmes not only help them relax but also give them information which is useful for their studying. For example, Sesame Street is a show created in 1969 in US. By mixing cartoons, puppets and actors help stimulate creation and imagination of children. They can aware the numbers, geometry or simple operations. Moreover, this show teaches children the way to across the street safely, moral behaviors, and protecting health. MC Donald is a TV programme which assists them in enhancing soft skills to communicate with others or solve problems. On the other hand, children’s TV programmes will affect kids if the parents do not limit watching. The children should watch TV about 2-3 hours/day. If they view TV so much, they easily become timid or depressive. Thus, parents should have management closely in order that TV programmes bring the best effectively for children. Secondly, the teenage tv shows are benificial to develop teenagers’ personality and brainpower. There are many tv shows for teenagers such as: Road to the Olympia, Ring the Gold Bell, Life Unexpected, etc. these shows make opportunities for teenegers to entertain, exchange and gain knowledge. It is also the place for them to conquer the higher trials to have many unusual experience in their life. Moreover, the aim of these programs is to educate teenagers to be confident so that they can find themselves stranger than they have ever been. In addition, they are trained well the living and working skills in order to have good views towards their...
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