Television over the years

Topics: Gender role, Television, Richard Nixon Pages: 3 (791 words) Published: March 18, 2014

Television over the Years
Niurby Martinez
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The television started to come out in the 18th century but it didn’t make it to America until the 1940’s. As the time has been evolving so does the television, to be able to fit in these days before in 1940 life was different. But in 2014 life is just too fast, everything is on the go.

Television over the Years
`An artifact is part of what define a culture. During the 18th century the television was introduced to the society. The television has impacted the roles of families, politics and life surrounded society. Television finally arrived in America in 1940’s. It sold faster than any other home entertainment machine, after that the stations develop in the largest cities. In America there was around 100,000 televisions by 1948, two- third of them was in the New York. Which that carried the majority of the TV stations. By the mid-1950s, wrote Leo Bogart, TV's first historian, "Television had established its place as the most important single form of entertainment and of passing the time." When the television was introduced it became a new way that families spent time together, which had the good and bad. Television was available even to the poorest part of society to have access to entertainment and the local news. Also the television was like a babysitter for the children because it consumed a lot of time. Having a television at home made it less stressful for the parents keeping their children busy. However, the wealthier a person was the more television found in the house, which at family time made it harder for the family to get together. Everyone would just go to their own personal space. Television has a huge role in the politics. In 1960 the first debates for the presidential candidates where of vice president Nixon and of Senator Kennedy was aired on the television. By having a television at home the people could...
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