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Effects of Television Watching in the Social Development of an Individual An Extended Essay presented to
Professor Jam Severo
Mapua Institute of Technology

In partial fulfillment
of requirement in
English for Academic Purposes 2

Joseph Louie R. Ledesma
Estefan Josef Angeles
Alvin S. Talavera
Mark Kim Bryan B. San Pedro

December 2013

Ledesma & Angeles
The purpose of this research is to inform every individual the effects of television in the social development. In this research the researchers will define the social development so that you will understand deeper the essence of the topic. This research will lead you to the role of television in today’s society, in which you will know the factors of social development that are affected by television. The researchers will cite effects that strongly affect the social development of an individual. Some parts of the research paper where taken from the answers of the researchers’ interviewee, Dr. Imelda L. Perez, a physician. She cited informative facts that will help us to know the effects of television watching in the social development of an individual. The research also cited the major factors affected by watching television and they also cited information that can help individuals to determine and realize if their actions pertaining to using television are affecting their social development. The research will also help the readers to avoid the negative effects of television watching. After reading this research paper, it is expected that the big impact of television will remain in the minds of the readers; therefore we are willing to conduct a different research project pertaining to the big impact of television so that the readers will understand deeper that particular topic. And also after reading this research paper the readers are also expected to think intellectually, if they are using the television in a good way.

Television today has a big contribution in our society. It keeps people updated to the current news and events. It also informs the people about the new products with the help of television advertisements. During election period some candidates use television commercials to promote their parties or their selves, but why do they even choose television advertisement than going personally to communities to promote their candidacy? With the help of technology; companies can produce affordable televisions, so that even the people who are living below the poverty line can afford television. Almost all the people in the world have a television set in their houses. So the researchers can say that television really invaded our lives. But what is really the impact of television to our lives? This research will clear up the minds of readers because it will define social development in a different way and how television watching affects social development. People may think that social development is not important to their lives and they didn’t give much attention to it. They do not even know that, if social development of an individual will develop positively and properly, it can have a big help in what career they will pursue when they grew up. On the other hand, when their social development will develop pessimistically, it can cause chaos to the lives of individuals. Some people are not aware of what can television watching do to our society and how television watching can affect physically, socially and mentally our systems. It can affect physically because people tend to watch television and forget to exercise their bodies; in result to this is possible obesity or other health related diseases. (Wang, 2011) It can affect socially because some television programs can invigorate their skills in interacting and communicating with other people. It can also boost their self-confidence that can help them to mingle with other people. It can affect mentally because some contents of...

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