Television's Influence as a Form of Mass Media

Topics: Television, Psychology, Violence Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: June 13, 2014
When considering the effects of television on its viewers, we must agree that, generally, it is the choice of each individual what he / she will watch or not, as it is with the consumption of any other media. We cannot blame the television and the contents of its channels for any negative influence on the audience. Also, we must keep in mind that there are individuals within the society, like children, mentally disabled people, which cannot be held responsible for their own actions. Their choices are not always for their own best, and adult supervision is needed in performing some actions, as well as their TV watching. These people are not able to completely comprehend what they see on TV, as they cannot completely separate reality from fiction and imagination. Children, especially, being curious by nature, tend to watch various scenes that intrigue them because they do not understand them, like sex and violent scenes. These kinds of television programmes are not educational, and do not consider the children's confusion misinterpretation of the subject, therefore they are not suitable for them. Although television might influence the children negatively, I believe that the TV houses are not responsible for this effect. I would appeal to the responsibility of parents, who monitor and restrict their children's viewings, as R. Molony said in his article 'Private viewings'. Too many parents give the children freedom in choice of what they watch, not considering the child's innate curiosity. As for the adults, I believe that television cannot be held responsible for any of their malevolent behavior. They, as adults, hold the complete responsibility for their actions, and anything they see on TV is primarily their own choice. No one is forced to watch any programme, and a healthy adult should be able to make a clear distinction between reality and fiction. Also he / she must understand that anything seen on TV is not an objective view, i.e. everything shown on TV has...
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