Term Limits

Topics: United States House of Representatives, United States Congress, Election Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: August 27, 2013
The arguments for the term limits are that with term limits in place, Congress will be more responsible toward their constituents because they will soon be constituents themselves. They will have to live under the laws they have created while in office. Members of Congress will have less time in office to develop financially beneficial commitments to lobbyists and other special interest groups, thereby undermining the threat of lobbyists being a primary influence on legislation. Another thing is that money is a major factor in who will win an election. Incumbents have the benefit of the profits they made while in power plus the backing of their party, contributing organizations and special interests to get re-elected. However, these wealthy incumbents are often not the best person for the job, as they are so far-removed from the daily realities of the American people. A middle class person who better understands the problems facing the average citizen is highly unlikely to get elected over a wealthy incumbent. Term limits will help to eliminate the shady, profitable relationships between members of Congress and special interest groups, and therefore reduce the wealth gap between candidates. In turn, more qualified people will have a real opportunity to win elections. The arguments against the term limits are that the notion that only one person the incumbent can do the job well is absurd. Meanwhile, we continue to elect the incumbent because of name recognition and party affiliation rather than a proven track record. Realistically, there is usually someone just as qualified to take over the incumbent’s office. After all, my opinion about the arguments and why I chose arguments in terms for the president is that I do believe in term limits for the president, for congress, the senate and same for the governor and our state representatives. It gives variety, it makes sure all people are heard, and it keeps one person from becoming a ruler for their lifetime and from...
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