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Television: NBN Channel 4/ People’s Television

Radio: DWIZ 882 kHz

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NBN Channel 4 or the People’s Television Network (Telebisyon ng Bayan) is an existing government television in the Philippines. It was established in the year 1974 and was formerly known as Government Television (GTV-4), then renamed as Maharlika Broadcasting System in year 1980. In year 1986, it was named as People’s Television as an acknowledgment to People Power Revolution.

This television network focuses on political and government news. Its format is different from other television networks, this channel do not air commercial shows, and primetime television series, since this is an official government channel, its primary purpose is to give current news and public services to Filipino people. The formats of the programs aired in this television channel are current affairs, public service, talk shows, religious shows and sports.

NBN’s slogan “Your Information Channel” which has been a long-term slogan of the television channel which clearly describe that the channel focuses on informing the people than airing entertainment shows. As they continue their excellence in providing current news and information to people, they had proven their worth as an information channel through the awards and recognitions they have.

In year 2001, their long-term slogan was changed into “One People. One Nation. One Vision”. As part of their growing broadcast capacities, NBN channel currently expanded their broadcast reach so that their programs can be aired internationally and can be accessible to other Filipino people around the world.

The network claims that they are the first television network who used digital system and had been said that the system was donated by the French government. Because of unexpected accidents and certain reasons such that the equipment are getting old, the system was once again back into an analogue system. But as part of growing competition in several television stations, NBN continues to develop its digital broadcasting capabilities to produce digital system with its equipment donated by Japanese government. Since, PTV 4 is a government channel; they do not have a large profit in terms of advertisements and commercials that is a result with no budget in terms of providing good equipment. The channel itself is dependent on what the government can give and this one of the major problems of the network.

NBN Channel 4 or PTV 4 is currently located in Diliman, Quezon City. The television channel is headed by the General Manager named, Cleo Dongga-as and programming director Ed Finlan. Since the television do have international broadcast channel, its medium are both English and Filipino, but still, they prioritize Filipino language.

Ramon Nuñez is the current news channel manager of the People’s Television Network or NBN 4. He graduated from University of the Philippines Diliman and finished Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communication. He also finished his masters in broadcast communication in UP Diliman.

He started his career as a DJ and tried his luck to be part of ABS-CBN TV Patrol and became as a writer. Through his efforts and perseverance he was positioned as a rookie reporter in DZMM. Because of his broadcasting passion to serve people, he decided to be part of NBN News team and became a writer. As he tried to aim for his passion, he was promoted as a reporter then a producer and an executive producer. After his career as an executive producer, he continues his excellent works and quality efforts that had brought him to be a news channel manager of the television station.


Specifically, NBN is committed to pursue the following objectives:

1. Make itself the...
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