Thai Economic

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Thailand Economic Report

Section I; Factual description
The economics of Thailand is a mixed economy which means the combination of capitalism and socialism. The government and private sector both involve in business mechanism of the country. Government support private investors to invest in agricultural, industry, services and at the same time, encourage them to purchase shares in important government business. Although the government gives fully support the competitive in the local and international business and investment but the government still take an important role on planning and intervening demand and supply by owning the majority of the shares in some business that has major profit. For example, electricity, water supply, telecom, and transportation system. Therefore, Thai economic is a mixed between Socialist but is more on the capitalism side. Structure of Thai revenue and it sources.

The main income of Thai revenue came from both Domestic activities and incomes from overseas. The sources of domestic income came from agriculture, industrial sector, wholesale and retail sector and other services sectors. As for the overseas income, the source of revenue came from exportation, income from tourist and foreign direct investment. The Top 15 Highest Export Value, September 2006

Code| Group| Export Value|
84| NUCLEAR REACTORS , MACHINERY| 81,074,011,570|
87| VEHICLE| 34,597,204,981|
40| RUBBER AND ARTICLES THEREOF| 28,827,607,812|
27| MINERAL FUEL OIL WAX| 24,113,606,657|
16| PREPARATION OF MEAT FISH| 14,613,060,262|
71| PEALS ; PRECIOUS STONES & METALS| 12,824,309,578| 73| ARTICLES OF IRON OR STEEL| 8,748,963,722|
10| CEREAL| 8,575,984,988|
29| ORGANIC CHEMICAL| 8,541,344,671|
03| FISH CRUSTACEAN MOLLUSC| 7,798,269,954|
99| SPECIAL TRANSACTION| 7,168,683,749|
61| KNITTED OR CROCHETED APPAREL & CLOTHING ACCESSORY| 6,793,571,144| Total of 15 groups| 351,934,561,092|
Total of 99 Groups| 397,299,139,609|
From Ministry of Finance

The Top 15 Highest Import Value, September 2006

Code| Group| Import Value|
27| MINERAL FUEL OIL WAX| 81,440,407,580|
84| NUCLEAR REACTORS , MACHINERY| 55,811,903,792|
72| IRON AND STEEL| 21,813,268,150|
71| PEALS ; PRECIOUS STONES & METALS| 15,442,125,219| 39| PLASTICS AND ARTICLES THEREOF| 13,867,997,567|
29| ORGANIC CHEMICAL| 12,120,239,687 87          | 87| VEHICLE| 11,204,645,955|
74| COPPER & ARTICLE| 9,483,948,383|
73| ARTICLES OF IRON OR STEEL| 8,254,590,411|
76| ALUMINIUM & ARTICLE| 6,419,924,290|
99| SPECIAL TRANSACTION| 6,000,561,276|
03| FISH CRUSTACEAN MOLLUSC| 4,747,987,493|
38| MISC CHEMICAL PRODUCT| 4,668,097,638|
Total of 15 groups| 336,654,190,277|
Total of 99 Groups| 397,299,139,609|
From Ministry of Finance

Section II; Analysis of factors influencing the business environment SWOT analysis of Thai economy
Location and it fertility ; In the northern part of Thailand are mountains which is the origin of the four main rivers of Thailand (Ping,Wang,Yom,Nan), These rivers flow through the valley and make both side of the river has fertile soil that is suitable for cultivation. The four rivers will later combine together to be Chaopraya River which flow through the central part of Thailand. This area is a vast fertile area where most agriculture would take place. It is known as the breadbasket area of Thailand. The product from agriculture would be export as a primary product such as rice and also turn into secondary product for example canned fruits and canned vegetables. In the southern part of...

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