The Amusement Park Project

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THE Amusement Park PROJECT
Intervention logicIndicators for verification of the objectivesSources of verificationAssumptions The general objectivesSpending enjoyable time, party time fun, entertainment.Considering the monotonous daily life, setting up an amusement park helps relaxation and fun.Recreation, Relaxing, Fun.A lot of fun and relaxation for all persons, regardless of age. The purposeAttracting tourists.Assuring well-being.Recreation, Relaxing, Fun.Attracting customers to profit as much as possible. The resultsProviding new jobs, both during and after work, specialized training for employees, developing team spirit of entrepreneurship.Locally, Cluj has skilled people in all fields, especially economics. Training will be conducted by specialist s with whom there will be collaboration in the future, meeting the desire to bring European-wide standards.The unemployment rate project.Reducing the numbers of local unemployed, quality promoting for firms will increase profit. ActivitiesMaking a marketing research on the future location of the park.

Finding space and equipment for the amusement park (in Cluj-Napoca according to results of the research) to begin the steps necessary to achieve the objective.

Obtain registration in the Trade Register and the unique code.

Finding the most appropriate place - building in a high traffic area / industries of the city, the accessibility to persons.

Purchase the land.

Construction project.

Obtaining a building permit.

Preparation for starting work.

Purchase all necessary materials and furniture.

Construction process.

Completion of the work.



Marketing researchers (RU)

Assistant manager (HR)
Project manager (HR)

Lawyer (RU)
Project Manager (HR)
Assistant Manager (HR)

Project Manager (HR)
Assistant Manager (HR)

Project Manager (HR)
Lawyer (RU)
Notary (RU)

Designer (RU)...
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