The Art of Exclusion - Persuasive Speech

Topics: Culture of Australia, Foreigner, Australia Pages: 3 (836 words) Published: June 14, 2012
Persuasive Speech
Hello. Today I’m going to explain how the representations of Australian Culture in TV are accurate. I have here with me three sources: The Castle, Kath & Kim and 48 shades. These all have a fairly accurate view on what it’s like in Australia (mostly Logan), although some skits are a little far fetched. In each show they have their own kind of representation, The castle represents the racism, Kath and Kim represent the bogan image and “48 shades” shows us the wild side of it all.

There are many things we could focus on in “The Castle” but I’d like to take a look at racism. Now, we know that there is in fact a foreigner there, but he doesn’t quite fit in. The characters in the movie aren’t racist to the foreigner know as Farook but the way you perceive Farook could be called racist. Farook has a strange sense of dress, a funny accent and could possibly be perceived as a terrorist with this quote in mind: “I have friend too, he put bomb under your car and blow you to f*cking sky!” Farook also seems to carry a great deal of money with him wherever he goes, Not all foreigners do this, and as Farook is the only foreign character you get an idea that all the foreigners are the same. This is very similar to how it is in Logan, because there are many people from different cultural descents, (Asians, islanders, and various other cultures). Logan is classified as a bad area to live in mainly because of its cultural diversity. All of these cultures have their own kind of stereotype and Australians assume that they’re all the same. I myself am not Australian, and most people like to assume I am but when they find out I am infract not Australian I get treated differently. Like I get told to go back to my country and such. So from observations and personal experience, the representation that Australians are racist is quite true, (not for all Australians of course, but the majority)

Now we have good old Kath & Kim, This long running TV series...
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