The Bad Impact of Films on Children of Kazakhstan

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The bad impact of films on children of Kazakhstan

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Maira Yessimzhanova

3 December 2009



Thesis statement: Due to so many negative things such as, sex, murder, violence and harmful behavior in films, government of Kazakhstan should ban the import of films or cut the scenes with such bad impact.

II Background of the Problem
1. Strong, serious and dangerous effect of Hollywood films 1) Violence
2) Bad manners
3) Harmful behavior
a. Smoking
b. Drinking alcohol
2. Particularly children are under the threat of this influence 1) At their critical age
3. Increase of society problems
1) Crime
2) Excessive violence

III Solution One
Parents must control what their children watch

A. Advantages:
1. It would protect children from useless things
2. It would give an opportunity to be with a family

B. Disadvantages:
1. Over-protection may cause bad consequences
2. Curiosity will increase
3. Illusions about real life

IV Solution Two
Government must influence on the type of films which is imported to our country

A. Advantages:
1. Children’s education level at school, university would be successfully gained 2. No bad influence on children
3. In the future society would be better

B. Disadvantages:
1. Production studios would have lower income
2. Unneeded headache from protests

V Conclusion-Recommendation
Due to such bad influences I suggest government to take a control of what kind of films are shown in our country and import only films without elements of bad manners, disrespectful behavior, annoying habits, cruel actions and rude speech.

A lot of people like watching movies in their free time. They think that it is a good relaxing way to spend time and to amuse them, especially if it is a comedy, love story drama or a movie, which is shot on the story of popular comics, where there is a hero who is brave, fearless and can do anything to help people and save the world. And some people, especially children imitate their behavior, their actions, speech, etc. So, once there was a story of 14 year old boy who jumped from the fifth floor wearing a Superman suit imitating one of the Hollywood superhero movies (Johnson, 2009). And of course everyone can imagine the end of the story. Although, watching movies is one of the favorite ways of entertainment, some restrictions must be done in making them. Due to so many negative things such as, sex, murder, violence and harmful behavior in films, government of Kazakhstan should ban the import of films or cut the scenes with such bad impact. Great changes have taken place in our life along with the development of society (Johnson, 2009). Among all media, movies and television play a great role in impacting people’s point of view and thinking pattern all over the world, despite their age or level of knowledge (Johnson, 2009). Not every person realizes how strong the influence of films on people might be. Almost every movie has elements of sex, violence, crime, lies, etc. Also children’s behavior is influenced by the visual media very much, especially by films (Dalton & Heatherton, 2002). This hypothesis has been supported by several studies (Daltons, 2002). In one of the studies, Klein and colleagues study was shown that the more time child spent watching movies with negative influence, the more they could be in a risk of harmful behavior, including bad manners, tobacco and alcohol use (Daltons, 2002). Children’s beginning of smoking was linked with their favorite movie stars’ smoking behavior in two independent...

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