The Battle of Long Tan

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The Battle of Long Tan
The Battle of Long Tan was a very significant part of the Vietnam War era. Of the Battles fought by Australians in the Vietnam War, The Battle of Long Tan was the biggest. The battle was significant through Australia’s victory, as one hundred and eight soldiers were able to fight off several waves of enemy troops, consisting of over two thousand Vietcong and North Vietnamese soldiers, until they were rescued by reinforcements. The Battle was one of the greatest in the Vietnam War to be won against in such odds. On the 18th August 1966, the battle took place near the village of Long Tan in Vietnam. This was twenty seven kilometres north east of Vung Tau, South Vietnam. The Battle of Long Tan was fought at a rubber plantation which was in the Phuoc Tuy Province. This was a battle between the Australian Army and The Viet Cong forces. D Company of the 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, part of the 1st Australian Task Force were ambushed by a swarm of Viet Cong and North Vietnamese soldiers, but the ability of the Australian Army to only have eighteen of their soldiers killed in this battle was a victory. The night before the Battle of Long Tan, the Australian base at Nui Dat in Phuoc Tuy was attacked by mortar fire. Soldiers of the Australian Army were attacked at night causing the death of one soldier and leaving twenty two others injured. As a result, the Australian Army figured the Viet Cong forces were out there in the jungle. The next day, Australian troops went looking for enemy forces in the pouring rain. The Australian Army were required to patrol the region around their camp to ensure that it was safe from attacks. Patrols were done to ensure that attacks could be prevented. The Australian Army had left base at 11:15. While patrolling for the enemy, one platoon of Australian soldiers was cut off from the rest and that was when the Viet Cong forces swooped in to attack. The Battle of Long Tan began at 15:40. The Australian...

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