The Benefits of Outdoor Activity versus Indoor Activity

Topics: Vietnam War, The Lone Ranger, World War II Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: January 31, 2014
Clifford Johnson
January 17, 2014

Outdoor Recreation:
Outdoors in the 1940’s and ‘50’s during my elementary, pre-teen, and teen age years were mostly spent outside. We only same inside for lunch, dinner, and to go to bed. Even in the winter, in all of the snow and inclement weather, we were outside. We’d play until we couldn’t feel our hands and feet. We’d come inside take off all of our snow gear, and cry while we were waiting for the feeling to come back into our hands and feet. As soon as they stopped hurting, we were redressed, and back outside. We loved being outside. To be banned to the house was the worse punishment ever. We would rather get a whupin’ than be confined to our room, or even to the house. Especially since we could look out the window and see our friends out there having fun.

Coming through the ‘40’s for us was just like the “Little Rascals”. We didn’t have much, but we didn’t know that we were poor. We always had good Christmases, new clothes and toys, and plenty to eat. The things that we didn’t have we made. Things like a scooter, or a bike, or a car. And to make these things, you had to be outside.

During the summer months, my brother and I would leave the house after breakfast, and be gone until supper time. If we didn’t have any money, which was most of time, we’d find soda, and beer bottles, and occasionally milk bottles and take them to the store and we’d get from 2 to 5 cents for each bottle. Then we’d go to the Italian store, buy a stick of pepperoni, break it in half, and get two Pepsis and we’d be good for the day .After supper we were back outside, but we had to be in our yard when the street lights came on. When we did go inside, we’d gather around the radio and listen to the stories that were being broadcasted. There were programs like Jack Benny, Fibber McGee and Mollie, Amos and Andy, the Shadow, The lone Ranger, Gang Busters, the Green Hornet, Superman, Red Skelton, Ozzie and...
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