The Cold War and Vietnam

Topics: Cold War, World War II, Vietnam War Pages: 3 (748 words) Published: May 29, 2012
Unit 2: The Cold War and Vietnam

SS310-26: Exploring the 1960s - An Interdisc. Approach
Instructor: Maureen Green

A cold war is a dispute resulting from countries that have differences of ideology, and does not entail any actual fighting between the parties in conflict. However, military strength is a key element in such a political power struggle.

A cold war existed between the United States, a capitalist nation, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, a communist nation.
Both countries were very much involved in the nuclear arms race during that era. The United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics were strong with powerful military forces, so they feared each other as had they both possessed the power to eliminate each other.

The United States and the Soviet Union, formed an alliance to take on Nazi, Germany during World War II, but this did not bring the two nations together as friends. They were in a constant battle to out-do each other, as both claimed to be the most powerful country.The cold war lasted for decades and the United States and the Soviet Union never fought against each other however, they did assist other countries in battle. The United States were allies of South Vietnam, and assisted them in fighting against the communist ruler, Ho Chi Minh, of North Vietnam, with the assistance of the Soviet Union.

The politics behind the involvement of the United States is because they thought that they could create a democratic government, they wanted to prevent communism from spreading to our country.
This war proved to be expensive, and long, as it spanned over many years. The American people became frustrated and loss faith and trust in the government. They felt our leaders were not worthy of their positions and they were afraid.

My co-worker Louis Rivera, a Vietnam Veteran said "The Vietnam War, effected most people because they did not understand why were fighting against a...

References: Against The Cold War. The History and Political Traditions of Pro-Sovietism in the British
Labour Party, 1945-89
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