The Difficulties in Reading Comprehension of the Third Year High School Students of Roosevelt College Marikina S.Y. 2011-2012

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Roosevelt College Marikina Batch 2011-2012

Chapter 1
The Government of the Philippines chooses English as one of the compulsory subjects in high school. It is obligatory subject for the student to learn from first year to fourth year high school. Moreover, English has been learned not only by high school students but also by Elementary students.

English as a subject matter in school covers the four basic language skills: Listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Nearly all the subjects of the students learning activities involve reading. Reading is one of the complex ways in learning English. It is a kind of activity to comprehend the writer’s idea or the writer’s way to communicate with the readers by way of the writer or printed words ( Besides, reading is important for everybody in order to cope with new knowledge in the changing world of technological age. The third year students are required to master reading texts with three different genres, namely, report, narrative, and hortatory exposition (BSNP, 2006:10). When students read text, they sometimes do not know what the text is about. They are not able to understand the idea of the selection of the text they read. This is why the researchers want to determine the difficulties encountered by the third year high school students of the RCM S.Y. 2011-2012 in reading comprehension.

Theoretical Framework
Reading can be considered to comprise two component skills- word recognition and comprehension. The skilled reader needs to identify the individual words of text and integrate the meaning of this words of text and integrate the meaning of these words and sentences or comprehend what is being read. This view was described by Gough and Tunmer’s (1986) simple model of reading (see also Gough, Hoover, & Peterson, this volume; Hoover and Gough, 1990). Gough and Tunmer proposed that reading comprehension is determined by decoding language comprehension skills. Each of these components is assumed to be necessary, but not sufficient, for success in reading. According to this theory, the ability to recognize the printed words of text is essential to understanding what is written, but, good decoding is not sufficient for reading; comprehension is also required, the ultimate goal of reading being extraction of meaning. It is in this theory the present study was anchored in.

Conceptual Framework

The paradigm shows that the respondents of the study were the 3rd year high school students of RCM S.Y. 2011-2012. The study involves evaluation and correlation of reading comprehension skills and grade in English 3. The following variables such as Gender, Grade in English, Availability of reading materials at home are used to deeply characterize the respondents.

Statement of the Problem
1. What is the profile of the 3rd year high school students of RCM S.Y. 2011-2012 when they are grouped according to: 1.1 Gender
1.2 Grade in English 3
1.3 Availability of reading materials at home?
2. What is the reading performance of the 3rd year high school students in the comprehension skill of the NCAE practice test S.Y. 2011-2012? 3. What are the difficulties encountered by the 3rd...

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