The Disadvantages of 3d Gaming Tv

Topics: Eye, 3-D film, Television program Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: October 25, 2011
The disadvantages of 3D Gaming Tv
As more and more research begins to flood in from the medical community about the effects of television and movie watching, something surprising has come to light. What is now known is that watching 3d television can also be harmful. 3d simply means three dimensional. Many movies have been made in 3d where special glasses are given to the movie goer which enables the 3d effect to come to life. However in more recent times films such as the blockbuster Avatar have been made using special 3d animations that eliminate the need for 3d glasses.  Since the majority of the television shows and movies are 2d, 3d videos have become very popular but the public may not know of the damage watching 3d TV can do. There are several of bad effects:

Effects on the eyes| When you take into the account that the human eye wasn’t created with television in mind, you can quickly see how eye troubles can be caused from it. Whether 3d or not, studies show that prolonged television watching will weaken and strain the eye. Once you factor in special lighting, animation effects and other computer related technologies it’s not hard to imagine the negative role 3d plays on the eyes.| Expensive| The cost of adding or replacing shutter glasses for consumer 3D TV is expensive.| Effect on the body| When you watch 3D for the first time there is a brief orientation period where your brain puts the image together. Most don't experience any adverse effects after this, but others can become disoriented and develop headaches after extended viewing. In order to minimize the possibility of headaches, 3D content producers are careful not to overload the viewer with intense 3D images or have any sharp camera movements. Creators of 3D movies for children also take into account that a child's eyes are closer together than an adult's.|
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