The Doctrine of General Revelation

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Shirley C. Guthrie clearly explains the doctrine of special revelation in his book “Christian Doctrine” . Guthrie states that “Christians may differ in their answer to the question how and whether we can find God” but all Christians agree that we “know that God exist because he found us” (54). “God has revealed God’s most innermost self by speaking and acting in the world in a special way.”(54). This special revelation occurs in three distingue ways. God also revealed Himself in the person of Jesus. God has revealed Himself to the world is by communicating with us through the bible. We can also see God in the history.

Special that the doctrine of special revelation is God finding us and revealing himself to humans. The word of God is the bible. One was that he "dwelt" among them; sojourned with them; ate, drank, slept, and was with them for years, so that they "saw him with their eyes, they looked upon him, and their hands handled him," The God of the bible God has revealed Himself to the world is by conveying with us through His Word. In the Bible. the revelation of God is shown to individuals and to the corrorate group.

14.So the Word became humand and made his home among us. He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness.e And we have seen his glory, the glory of the Father’s one and only Son.
God reveals himself personally to humanity through Jesus. God allows himself to be weak body of humans, become a social outcast, label a criminal. to return man back to the position But it is also more than that. It does not merely CONTAIN the word of God; it IS the word of God.

God graciously makes himself known to humanity since people cannot discover him on their own. He achieves this in many ways, but supremely through his Son Jesus Christ. The necessity of revelation

God is hidden from human view because of sin Isa 59:2 See also Dt 31:18; Isa 1:15; Isa

the Word made flesh).

The Word of God is revealed through scripture. The Holy Spirit...
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