The Effects of Traveling

Topics: Culture, Globalization, Travel Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: June 15, 2011
The Effects of Traveling


The Effects of Traveling
What impacts have globalization on the world? It has opened many different resources to people to know what has happened in many different spots on Earth. It also lets them know more about others around the world. Consequently, people are changed by being interested in learning more about others. Traveling abroad and experiencing different countries and cultures are one of the globalization effects that have influenced people. Reasons for traveling are various. For instance, the businessman who travels for work, the student who travels for study, the scientist who travels for research purposes, and general people who travel to take a vacation and so forth. Whatever the reasons are, traveling is the most influential factor that impacts in individuals’ personalities; it also affects peoples’ lives and societies by transculturation.

Traveling abroad teaches individuals to be more social with people from different background. That leads them to go over their social phobias like shyness and leading themselves without helping or relying on relatives or friends. That forces them to talk to strangers if they are in difficult circumstances to help them. However, they would have a confident and sense to know which stranger people they could trust or could not. Then they would have self- reliance to make a decision by themselves (Jacob, 2010). For example, if the traveler lost their important stuff with the locations map, he could not know where the correct direction to go to the police station is. He had better have these characters to go over this hard situation. In addition, travelers would also have to have wariness to protect themselves and their possessions, such as money and important documents.

People who are interested in seeing and discovering the world and other cultures prefer to travel and experience a new one. That would provide them with a more tolerant and understanding state of mind...

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