The Electoral Lessons From the Bihar Verdict

Topics: Political philosophy, Election, Voting Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: September 15, 2013
Many people might be writing about U.P. politics, as this is the most talked topic at present. Politics, Perhaps the most powerful area of one's personality which can change any equation across the world. If Political Leaders reaches a consensus, then there can be formation of United Nations, East Germany and West Germany may lose their individual identity and become a single Germany. However, if views of Political leaders diverge, there can be a nuclear attack at Hirosima and Nagasaki, one nation can get broken into 15 nations (CIS). For Indians, cricket is considered to be the most popular game, almost, all of us enjoy the thrill critical game, with remaining last few overs to be thrown. However, none of us has ever tried to see within us, that how much more interested in politics, we are, same as that of cricket or even more then that. When it comes to your state's assembly elections, our thrill begins at least six months back. When we eagerly watch that who will get the ticket from BJP and who will be honored by congress and other important regional parties. We are prudent by virtue of being human and each one of us wants that party to win which takes care of our interests very much. The very thrill among the people people makes the politics as hot as mallika Sheravat and the manipulation of people's prudence on the basis of caste and religion creates a 'dirty picture' starred in U.P. by Mayawati. As the process keeps on going, people gets to know the contestants. Now, it begins the series of election promotion campaigns, in the entire state, you would find, even without paying any attention, that people are whispering, 'Today, Mulayam Singh came to our city and you know ady after tomorrow, it will be Mr. Rahul Gandhi who will visit our city', so, this is how all big leaders generally seen only on the Television screen, appears suddenly in front of us. Most of us feel privileged to see them near us, while some feels that his is the only chance to get...
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