the enormous radio

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“The Enormous Radio”

Classic literature contains a story or lesson that has the ability to relate to a reader of any generation and is also pertinent to present day life. The short story “The Enormous Radio” by John Cheever could easily be considered a classic work of literature. It illustrates the lives of the stereotypical American family and the way they go about entertainment in mid 1900’s. In our present day, many use television as their main form of entertainment to escape from the stress and worries of everyday life. Currently in the world today, mainly the United States, reality TV has taken over as one of the most popular genres of television shows. People use these reality TV shows as a getaway from their own lives. There are some people watch these shows wishing it was them who was rich and famous or had their own program on MTV, and picture themselves in the places of the people they see on the screen. Others use it to compare their own lives often times believing they are better than the things they see on tv and the way people act on tv and get pleasure from other people’s fame. Cheever takes reality entertainment to a whole new level. The short story, “The enormous Radio” was far ahead of its time in that it illustrates the way reality TV would have been back then for the Westcott family in a much more raw and uncensored view of things. It is as if John Cheever knew that someday people would be able to turn on their TV and witness the shortcomings and wrongdoings of someone else’s life and he illustrates what that would be like 60 years ago in his story. The story begins with the Westcott family appearing to be a very stereotypical 1950’s American family. It seems right away that they do not posses any major flaws that would cause the reader to think any differently about them. Cheever begins to describe them as, “the kind of people who seem to strike that satisfactory average of income, endeavor, and respectability". He also mentions...
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