The Eucharist

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How Often Is The Memorial To Be Commemorated, And When?
1) People the world over observe the ceremony frequently—whether several times a year, weekly, or even daily. Yet, it is called a mystery of faith, and many of those who practice it do not claim to understand it. It is viewed as sacred and is even supposed to be miraculous. 2) The ceremony is the Eucharist— part of the Catholic Mass when the priest says a blessing over the bread and wine and the congregation is invited to receive Christ in Holy Communion. 3) It is not hard to see why the Eucharist is viewed as miraculous because The Church teaches that the bread and the wine are miraculously transformed into the literal body and blood of Christ—a doctrine called transubstantiation. 4) Over time, other differences regarding the meaning of how often the Memorial is to be commemorated, and when, have arisen. 5) What, though, was the original observance that Jesus instituted like? 6)To answer that question let us turn to the Bible and read the account where the apostle Paul said in regard to the Lord’s evening meal,” or Memorial of his death. (1 Corinthians 11:26) R E A D--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7) Paul was not just saying that Jesus’ death would be celebrated often. The Greek word used for “as often as” means “whenever” or “every time that.”

8) Therefore, Paul was saying that every time anointed Christians partake of the Memorial emblems, once a year on Nisan 14, they are “proclaiming the death of Jesus ” They do this “until he arrives,” that is, until he receives them into the heavens by a resurrection. 9) Should Jesus’ death be observed weekly or perhaps even daily? Well, Christ instituted the Lord’s Evening Meal and was unjustly put to death on Passover Day. Held only once a year, on Nisan 14, the Passover remembered Israel’s deliverance from Egyptian bondage. 10) The death of “Christ at the...
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