The Evidence And Affirmation Of The Dei

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The Evidence and Affirmation of the Deity of Christ

Kavin Kramer – BIBL 163- BO2 LUO

Mildred Gerald
September 4, 2014

It has been said that this is a book of redemption & atonement. To give a vivid description of the book of Hebrews, I will go chapter by chapter. The first chapter explain “ The Superiority of Christ. It explain the supremacy of Christ Jesus. It reveal to us the extinct of his power, he has power over the angels because of his redemptive work on the cross. We see how Jesus is just like the father and was send to talk to us about the true nature of God. Once we get to know who Jesus is and the things he said , we could learn the fullness of God’s nature and his character. The second chapter consist of, “The Role of Christ in Salvation. It talks about the part Christ played in salvation. For a short while he was brought down to human form so that he could experience death for all of us. Jesus was the only one that could do this because , he made everything and he was the author of our salvation. Since he participated in humanity when he died , he could get rid of him who holds the power of death.. In doing this we must stay alert and be watchful not to neglect such a great salvation. The third chapter, Jesus is greater than Moses. It inform us he is a loyal high priest that will forever dwell over God’s house as a son. He had advantage over Moses and the agreement of the law. You will also fine in this chapter warnings about them being going astray because of sin and not believing and not having a humble heart to believe. Our job is to keep each other uplifted every chance we get to keep and not give up until the last days with sureness in Christ. The fourth chapter. The Believer’s Rest. He offers real Sabbath rest for the people that belong to God, by having faith in Christ. You will fine in the Old Testament, this was a promise for the people of God. With our fellowship with Christ, that’s when the rest will be filled. The fifth chapter, Jesus is the Perfect High Priest. The ones that believe God has put Jesus in charge and made him High priest, he is there way of receiving salvation. He was able to feel the pain and other about the flesh but didn’t sin. One of the lessons he learned while he walked in the flesh was obedience, so he could support the ones that receive salvation. This was Jesus job to be our high priest for eternality by Melchizedek. The six chapter, Warning against falling away. It caution us about leaving what we know is right and having to be reproved. If we keep the faith and walk according to the will of God there is a great reward that awaits us. The seventh chapter. Melchizedek’s Priesthood like Christ. This shows a comparison between Jesus and Melchizedek, a priest forever without being related. He is an everlasting priest like Melchizedek. Since he can’t be destructed it proves his priesthood. The ones that draw near to God, will always be able to plead on there behalf. The eighth chapter, Superiority of the New covenant. Jesus made a better covenant which provided a better reward. With this New Covenant it is on our hearts and not paper and aloud us to share in a closeness with the Lord. Once we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior he forgive us and forget our sin. The nineth chapter, The Old and New. During the Old Testament times the people went to the priest to get forgives, they would certain rituals like some foods, drink, different kind of washings, and restrictions for the body. In the New Testament, Christ and he was flawless and he took on the sins of the world. The Old Testament , they used blood of bulls and goats, it couldn’t cleanse them from there sins, but the blood of Christ could save and cleanse us from all unrighteousness, The tenth...
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