The Gospel According to Mark by Jorge Luis Borges

Topics: New Testament, Jesus, Jorge Luis Borges Pages: 3 (880 words) Published: April 30, 2011
Philip Levine
A certain point of view: the gospel according to mark by Goerge Burges

The gospel according to mark is a prolific story which takes look at people's view of Jesus, and critiques of several aspects of religion, and a further critiques humanity and human nature. The story does this by making Espinosa imitate the role of Jesus Christ, as well as by making the Gutres his followers and making them a symbol of human nature as well. Finally paints a view of how humanity will continue to react to the unknown.

An important aspect of Burges’s The Gospel According to Mark is its analysis of people's view of Jesus Christ. This examination is very vital to Borges’s critique of human nature and religion. The Gutres perceive Espinosa as a Christ figure because of his modern teaching and healing. The story goes on further to make similarities to the gospel with the Gutres becoming like followers to him. In the Gospel, one of Jesus' predominant roles is that of a teacher. For example, in Mark 4:1, Jesus "teaches his doctrine, by the sea side and there gathers unto him a great multitude." The Gutres see Espinosa as a teacher as well. During the storms at the ranch, he begins reading to the Gutres. He discovers a Bible and reads them the Gospel of Mark, which the Gutres listen to "with mute fascination". The similarity here is evident; Jesus taught his followers his doctrine, and Espinosa "teaches" the Gutres essentially the same doctrine. The enthusiasm for Jesus' teaching brings "great multitudes" (Mark 4:1). This shows how important the Gospel becomes to them. The Gutres' comparison of Espinosa to Jesus continues in seeing him as a healer. In the Bible's Gospel, Jesus heals the sick to prove his divinity. In Mark 2:4 to 2:12, Jesus miraculously heals "one sick of the palsy." In story, the Gutres' young girl's lamb gets cut, and instead of using the Gutres' primitive methods, Espinosa treats it with medicine. To the less civilized Gutres, this cure seems...
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