The Great Imagination Heist

Topics: Mind, Television program, Television network Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: October 25, 2013
 Lorena Escamilla Reynolds Price in "The Great Imagination Heist" attempts to describe the way that television harms our mind. Basically using positive and negative tones to show us how the youth of today have changed radically by the use of television and video games. Price describes how his life was with no television, and as a measure of the time things were changing. In paragraph number three indicates perfectly in the 1950s students would write better one detailed story, than students today. Reynolds Price tells us with facts as mankind has changed over this time. In the same way he let us know what we can do about it, as it says: "Instead of destroying all televisions, computer screens and video games, I would like to suggest at least one compensatory treatment". Price intends to make the audience feel regret towards the fact that they could possibly be ruining family moments, by watching television excessively. By using terms like “gift” and “delightful”, he explains how great life before television was. Somehow Reynolds Price is right, maybe watching too much television can cause the behavior of many children and youth of today. Price uses negative diction and details to demonstrate how too much television and not enough reading can destroy a child's imagination. The media has come to dominate the lives of many of today's youths. The idea behind the word “heist” suits the title and story well, Price laments what he perceives to be the robbing of original, personal thought. According to what Price stated is his article it will be a most certain fate. Prices opinion directly correlate to his experiences. He grew up during an era when the media's impact on the common child was slight. In the 1950s there was television, but as he narrates...
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