The Green Party of the United States

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The Green Party of the United States, which resulted directly from the conversion of smaller state parties, was formed in 2001 according to the official Green Party website. However, according to Politics1, the party was formed in 1996 when it ran its first presidential nominee Ralph Nader. The Green Party, which was composed of about 305,000 members in 2005 according to Wikipedia, is headed by The Green National Committee in which delegates are sent to from their respective state parties or documented caucuses. The Federal Election Commission recognizes a second committee called is the Green Senatorial Campaign Committee that acts to elect representatives to the senate. The recognized caucuses include, but are not limited to, the Black Caucus, Lavender Greens, and Women’s Caucus. Elected from the delegates that serve on the GNC, the Steering Committee is composed of seven members that direct the general operation of the party. Domestic Policy

The Green Party appeals to environmentalists, or those who are concerned with or support protection of the environment by the government, because they want to enforce the safe disposal or neutralization of all toxic substances. Because of this same policy and the industrial tax on pollution they wish to implement, the Green Party of the United States also receives much support from liberals because of their general support for the business regulation that is necessary in the defense of the environment. Since they want to reduce greenhouse emissions, the Green Party is also against all future oil drilling and supports renewable energy resources such as solar power. In concern with discrimination in the United States, the party aspires to eliminate the male dominance in society, provide equality across all races, and allow undocumented immigrants naturalize. The Green Party strongly advocates the legalization of abortion in all cases because they believe it falls under the category of the woman's right to...
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