The Illuminati

Topics: Secret society, Illuminati, Election Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: February 15, 2013
How powerful is the illuminati?
The illuminati is a secret group that wants to hold power of the whole world. This secret organization wants to hold power by gaining money and wealth; they make the people believe their lies through all kinds of media. People believe those lies when they are told enough times to make them think that they might actually be true and forget all about the facts. The illuminati is trying to control everything, but now days they control mostly everything: media, education, most governments, international banks, oil business. How can a secret society control most governments? Think of the American elections for presidency as an example, the illuminati is the one that chooses the candidates for the elections. The characteristics that must be present in the candidates are: corrupt, easy to control, purest blood line and a dark past. The illuminati promises them with fame and fortune to make them follow their rules and orders. They also threaten the candidates by uncovering their dark past if they even think of revealing their secrets. They influence the media to be on one side of the elections, and that influences the poor people that don’t understand politics much to vote for the candidate that the illuminati wants him to win. The whole election process is a fraud; they make the people think that they have the right to vote and at the end the candidate that the illuminati are on his side is the one that wins. Before the president can make any decision he has to get the approval of the illuminati, in other words the illuminati is the ruling power not the president. Some people believe that the religious groups are the ones trying to control the world, but at the end all of these thoughts are lies that the media made the people think that they are true. The illuminati control the whole media; every single radio station, Hollywood stars, the movies, the music. Their goal through the media is to make people believe stuff that aren’t true,...
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